"AIP By Season" Community Cookbook is Here!!


The Newest AIP Community Cookbook is Here With a HUGE Giveaway to Celebrate!

Introducing AIP by Season: 101 recipes to help you eat seasonally with the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol!  In this collection you'll find a wide variety of delicious cuisines and categories including snacks & drinks, sides & tapas, soups, main dishes, sauces & dips, and of course some treats for the occasional sweet tooth!

Designed to not only help you with a variety of delicious recipes that are AIP-friendly, but also as a guide to eating with the seasons. The chapters contain nutrient-dense recipes which each have a featured ingredient specific to Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

Each recipe in this eBook is 100% compliant with the elimination phase of the AIP and contain zero: eggs, dairy, gluten, grains, seeds, legumes, nightshades, nuts, cane sugar, gums or preservatives.


But wait…you get more than just recipes with your AIP by Season purchase! Check out these other awesome resources and guides found within the eBook!

  • An Eating Seasonally chapter all about the many benefits of seasonal eating.

  • An Extending the Seasons guide on ferments, which includes a recipe for homemade sauerkraut.

  • A Coconut-Free Substitutions guide on making substitutions for coconut in recipes for those that are intolerant or allergic to coconut, including substitution instructions for 25 recipes in the eBook.

  • A Tips, Tricks & Terminology guide to aid you in safely selecting common AIP-compliant ingredients, with frugal tips, time-saving tricks, kitchen equipment terminology, and how to cure your own bacon at home.

  • An About the Contributors section, with introductions to the eBook's contributors and where to find their blogs and services.

  • An Index page for easily finding recipes in the eBook via particular ingredients available to you.

  • Access to a private Facebook community to help as you cook from the eBook along with your favorite bloggers.

As a PDF-formatted book, it's available to both US & international readers…with no waiting for your book to arrive in the mail!  An AIP by Season instant download will be ready for you, with no waiting to read!

This eBook is a compilation of vibrant, nutrient-dense eats from 22 of your favorite wellness bloggers, nutritional experts and health coaches.  Each recipe was crafted by an expert in the AIP who has personally used the protocol to improve the quality of their health. Your purchase of AIP by Season for $18.50 directly supports the works of the bloggers who create and share free recipes on their blogs, and helps them to keep the blog lights on and continue providing you with the excellent content you love from them!

I am a contributor to this collection and donated 4 of my favorite recipes to this book! And here's a sample of some of the other mouth-watering recipes you'll find in the eBook: Prosciutto & Sage Stuffed Chicken with Lemon & Garlic Asparagus, Matcha Green Tea Gelato with Fudge Sauce, Marinated Chicken with Tabbouleh & Rosewater Dressing, Acorn Squash Fajita Bowls, Nightshade-free Pineapple Shrimp Ceviche with Honey-Lime Dressing plus 96 more! And remember, every single one of these recipes features 1 or more ingredients specific to the season.


We're also celebrating with a HUGE $600+ value giveaway, with plenty of prizes to go around for both US & international winners! Just head on over to the AIP by Season sales page and scroll to the bottom to enter!

Make the most of the changing of the seasons and your trips to your local market with
AIP by Season!!

Download today for just $18.50!