2018 Holiday AIP Gift Guide!

2018 Gift Guide.png

If you or someone in your life has an autoimmune “lifestyle”, it isn’t always easy to pick the just-right gift! So whether you’re adding to your own wish list or shopping for someone else, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things (hint hint, hubby…some just may be on my own wish list!).

Have a very happy, very healthy holiday everyone!

For the kitchen


For lifestyle:

  • Oura ringA lifestyle tracker with a focus on sleep cycles, because rest is VITAL to healing

  • Joovv Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy devicesPain management, detox, sleep support.

  • A spring or bungee bound mini trampoline for rebounding – A must-do for lymphatic drainage. Spring will be a better aerobic workout, but bungee is much easier on the joints…a big deal to almost anyone with an AI issue.

  • Gloves for those living with Raynaud’s - Circulation and temperature support.

  • Dry Brushfor lymphatic drainage and detox support.

  • Gift cards for services like: Massage, Infrared Sauna Sessions (in lieu of a machine for at home, like Joovv), Amino Neuro Therapy treatments, Yoga classes.

  • A nice, comfy pair of PJ’s and Dr. Sarah Ballantyne’s ebook, Go To BedAnother personal fave!

  • Meal Planners and Pre-formatted shopping lists.

For resourcing your loved one: