Connect the Dots

I have my days. You know those days....hibernating in the house, wearing the standard-issue uniform of a lady in hiding... PJ's, top knot, and delightfully mismatched socks.  Netflix and a pint of Halo Top on tap for the evening.

Yep, I have those days! And honestly, it's probably best for humanity that I veg with my Halo Top than it is to interact with any person!

But this is when I have to remind myself of the power of connection. We were not made to be alone, and more and more there is evidence pointing to the profound impact that connectedness has on our health.

Did you know that being in healthy relationships decreases our chance of mortality by 50%?  FIFTY. PERCENT. Few things in life guarantee those kind of odds.

Of course, the quality of those relationships will usually dictate if we ever hit that percentage. If you, like me, are on some type of health-related journey, the people you surround yourself with will make or break you. The last thing we need is some soul-sapping, energy-demanding "friend" telling us it's OK if we binge eat cheese nachos just once... after all, it's just once! And if we don't, well, then we're just "high maintenance"...

Oh, you know that person, too? I used to, but had to show them the door pretty quickly once I figured out I had some healing to do. Slowly but surely, I began connecting the dots that the toxic alignments I had in my life were detracting from my health, not adding to it.

We need to take inventory of the people in our life and make sure we're investing ourselves in health, but in that process, we have to remember not to isolate completely. It's easy to self-protect (and we should!), drawing a box around ourselves while were connecting the dots of our lives.... but here's what I'll say about boxes:

1) They're what bad take-out comes in

2) It's what you go in when you leave this earth for good

3) They are usually meant to protect the value of what's inside... until it's OPENED

Obviously, boxes are used for much more than this... but the point here is that they usually house things that are meant to be consumed, things that are dead, or things that need to be liberated. So... which one are you? My hope is that you'll opt for some liberation today, and get out there and start connecting!

Thriving With You,