Fat Fact # 3: Fat Doesn't Make You Fat

It's true!! Yet another fat myth that has prevailed over the years is that fat makes you fat.

The real culprit? NOT incorporating fats into your diet! Reflecting back to my post Fat Fact #1, it's a matter of hormones. First, fats create the full feeling we need to, well, stay full. They do this because they digest more slowly than the other macronutrients (Carbohydrates and Proteins).

Second, if we're not eating fat, we're eating something else, and that something else is usually carbs... what is it about a bag of chips or microwave popcorn that satisfies when we're "snacky"? I don't know, but what I can tell you is that in reality, it isn't satisfying at all!  Those delicious little nuggets of processed carbs and hydrogenated fats (the kind of fat you DON'T want...more on that in an upcoming post)  will only set you up for an "I'm snacky cycle" that perpetuates until you call it a night and go to bed.

Not to mention, foods that are "low fat" have had one huge alteration made to them... all the flavor has been removed! Fat makes food taste good! Remove the fat, remove the flavor. So, those refined, processed and packaged snacks are stuffed with sweeteners and additives to make it actually taste "good".

Those carbs and sugars we turn to in place of fats increase insulin production, and insulin causes the excess sugars from carbs to be stored as FAT in your body! So the moral of this little story? Make sure you're getting plenty of good quality fats from avocados, coconut, olives, raw nuts, sprouted seeds grass-fed animals and wild caught fish to keep you full, satisfied and well-nourished!